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 Environmental education has become an inevitable tool in creating awareness on imperatives of environmental sustainability. Bhoomitra Sena Club an idea conceived by Directorate of Environment & Climate Change under Department of Environment and Climate Change serves this purpose. Agencies like Kerala State Pollution Control Board, Kerala State Biodiversity Board and Kerala Suchitwa Mission extend support to this programme. The Bhoomithra Sena club of  Sir Syed College is aimed at encouraging college students to appreciate the environment and to react positively to environmental issues. The club organizes Seminars, Debates, Lectures and talks on environmental issues. It also arranges visits to Wildlife Park, environmentally degrading areas etc. Bhoomitra Sena Club is conserving various sacred groves and traditional ponds of Kannur districts.

Main Avctivities

  1. Celebration of All environment related days.
  2. Active involvement in solving environmental issues.
  3. Actively participating in various conservation programmes.
  4. Practicing Afforestation in degraded mangrove ecosystems
  5. Established a plastic free campus by introducing a cloth bag unit of variety look.
  6. Conducted exhibitions in various Panchayath and Municipalities in association with Haritha Kerala Mission.
  7. Maintaining a medicine garden and a vegetable garden.
  8. Members were active in various study camps related with forest, wetlands, marine ecosystems etc.
  9. Field visits to ecologically fragile areas , forests etc,
  10. Various programmes with the involvement of renowned environmentalists and scientists .
  11. Programmes related to water conservation, solid waste management, Organic farming etc. were practicing yearly.
  12. Distribution of seedlings to houses and students nearby college,
  13. Active participation and involvement in the campus cleaning programmes.
  14. Conducted energy conservation programmes in various panchayath and Municipalities with the support of CED.
  15. Various competitions at college and intercollegiate level related with nature.
Sreeja P

Assistant Professor (Botany)


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