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Maintenance of Infrastructure Facilities

The infrastructure facilities of the college is well equipped for formulating and facilitating convenience of Students, Research scholars , Teachers and Non-Teaching staff. The college has large physical, academic and supporting facilities. The College follows established policies and clear cut guidelines for the maintenance and effective utilization of all the infrastructural facilities. Integrated efforts are taken by  all departments in maintaining  and utilizing  facilities like library, e-learning class room, computational laboratories, computer labs, class rooms, parking area, auditorium, indoor stadium, gymnasium,  canteen, botanical garden, playground, seminar hall etc. All the facilities are well maintained and monitored by different committees and supervising bodies. Staff members are assigned duties to monitor and supervise maintenance work as and when required. College has appointedElectricians, Sweepers, Watchman, Gardener, Plumber etc. for maintenance work. Government funds, UGC grants, resources provided by management, contribution from staff and students, PTA etc. are also utilized for the same. Computer systems are maintained by suppliers, as part of the terms and conditions of purchase. The Building committee ensures the timely repair works of the buildings and infrastructure. Each year, funds are allocated for the maintenance of the infrastructure of the college. Lab equipment are maintained by the respective departments.  Necessary repair works are managed by the supporting staff of the institution. Emergency repairs, if any, are undertaken with the help of Management, PTA and other sources.  Students are encouraged to take care and protect the machinery and systems with sincerity and a sense of duty. Calibration of instruments is done by experts in respective fields twice in a semester. Upgrading and updating of software and capacity of systems is done regularly. Repair work is also done as and when required. College has appointed a mechanic for monitoring performance of Instruments. Annual maintenance contract is for all sensitive equipments. Infrastructural facilities of our institution are being utilized optimally. All class rooms and other facilities are utilized during the regular working hours of the College. NCC and NSS undertake necessary campus cleaning and beautification. A college beautification committee is monitoring the general beautification works. The faculty of various departments assist the initiatives by motivating students and working together with SEO Chennai. Computer lab in the college is well maintained by the concerned technical permanent staff. A library committee under the guidance of the college librarian is committed for improving and updating the available library facilities. The maintenance of the library is well supported by the faculty members and students. A well-equipped gymnasium is in use for keeping faculty and students physically fit.. Sports equipment are purchased each year using the sports fee collected from the students during admission and the  sports fund reserved for the purpose.

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