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Botanical Garden


Botanical Garden, Hortussirsyedicus is a collection of plants that are scientifically ordered and maintained, documented and labeled for public education, research, conservation, and enjoyment.  Ex-situ conservation of the Rare, Endangered and Threatened (RET) medicinal plants of South India is the major thrust area of the garden. The mission of the Botanical Garden is to foster science education to the society and appreciate the importance of  Flora. The Botanical  Garden of the College founded 32 years ago in the lush green panoramic land of the campus has developed into an excellent center of biodiversity and ex-situ conservation of tropical flora and exotic species. At the entrance on the northern side, the visitors are greeted by Greenhouse comprising of different species of Ferns and ornamental plants. The Medicinal Plant Demonstration Garden (MPDG) was started in 2013 and at present, it is the largest medicinal plant garden among the colleges of Kannur University. The garden is beneficial to the entire society and is an attraction to the local people. It also helps the students of schools and colleges to acquire knowledge about the importance of medicinal plants available in and around the area and also their importance in medicine. More than 200 species are planted and it is arranged in the traditional Ayurveda like Triphala, Thrigadu, Nalpamaram, Thriganda, JanmanakshathraSasyangal, Dashapushpam, Dashamoolam. Wild Aroids in India and rare Bamboo species are conserved in the Garden. The Medicinal Plant Demonstration Garden funded by Kerala state medicinal Plant Board (KSMPB), Trivandrum. The garden is maintained by Dept. of Botany.

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